Innovative Ideas. Smart Marketing. Better Results.

I am a copywriter and marketer who helps businesses:

Find leads & turn them into paying customers

Create profit-making sales messages

Develop content campaigns that get results

Research & understand their target audience

Increase marketing & advertising ROI

My Core Services


Direct Response Marketing

If it can’t be measured, it’s not marketing. I research, strategize, and write direct response copy for both print and digital – sales letters, video sales letters, landing pages, and more.


Copy, Content, & Lead Gen

I have written tens of thousands of words for B2B marketing endeavors, including email campaigns, print marketing materials, white papers, case studies, and more.


Sales Funnel Strategy

More and more customers do product research and make purchases online – I can help you target your audience, discover the right advertising strategy, and optimize sales funnels to maximize ROI.


Websites & Frontend Tech

SMBs can ask me for assistance with frontend web tech – usually as it applies to marketing – such as A/B testing, email marketing, automation, WordPress, and website creation.

Why Work With Me?

ROI and results come first. My top priority is getting you the best bang for your budget, because your success is my success.
You only get top quality work. Second-rate work never gets submitted and I will keep working with you until you’re satisfied with the final product.
I’m friendly and easy to work with. “Business casual” is how I like to operate, but I still keep things professional and by-the-book.
You can “set and forget” me. No hand-holding necessary … since I’ll only get in touch when I need to, you’ll have one less thing on your micromanagement plate.
My passion will show in your projects. I love what I do and I love helping clients, so every project gets 110% or more.
My workflow runs like clockwork. My process is transparent and easy to understand, so you always know exactly what to expect.

360° Solutions...

One-Stop Marketing

If I don't do it, I know people who do, from subcontractors to outside vendors

Flexible Packages...

Every Business Is Unique

Services tailored to your business, your project, and your needs

Content may be king, but results rule.

I started as a freelance copywriter and content marketer in 2011.

Since then … while continuing to study voraciously and improve my marketing and tech skills … I have:

  • Written a content marketing campaign that helped a C-level executive obtain a book deal from a major IT publisher … which I then ghostwrote for him
  • Helped increase a travel website’s traffic by thousands of visitors per month with a series of SEO-friendly blog articles and social media posts
  • Written articles for a multinational advertising company that were cited by major media outlets, such as Huffington Post and Business Insider
  • Developed a creative – yet simple – web bot for a client that helped them generate over a dozen new leads per day … indefinitely
  • Taught SMBs how to automate their own social media efforts with free tools, saving them hundreds of dollars per year in man-hours
  • Built several dozen websites using WordPress, HTML/CSS, Adobe Muse, and other CMS software
  • Written and managed email marketing campaigns that generated thousands of new visitors, impressions, and sales
  • And more…

My clients include large corporations, solopreneurs, and everything in between.

If you need help with direct response copywriting, sales funnels, or digital marketing strategy, email me to schedule a chat.

About Me

In 2011 I started my first copywriting and content marketing business, RAW English.

Since then, I have worked as an independent contractor for international digital marketing companies, large IT organizations, budding startups, mom n’ pop shops, and everything in between.

I’m an inherently curious person and am passionate about many things, including:

  • Direct response marketing
  • Copywriting and content marketing
  • IT and technology
  • Art and design
  • Travel and world culture

To schedule a meeting, email