Susan Cain’s TED Talk Rocks

This video should be mandatory at every school in the country.

The author of Quiet gives an excellent speech at TED that succinctly summarize the points made in her bestseller. Her analysis of the modern-day culture of extroversion hits the nail on the head. She gives a voice to an entire segment of the population that’s gone unheard, because we live in a world of loud people.

After I read Quiet, I began to understand why I liked Japanese and Asian cultures so much, and why America bugs the crap out of me sometimes.

There are a number of comments on her video from introverts who praise her and say that they felt stigmatized or discriminated against for being introverts. In a culture so pro-extroversion, I am not surprised, and I can empathize with them. The idea that extroversion is the “right” personality type has become the very fabric of our culture, so it is good to have someone like her up there setting the record straight.