Hello World: Review of WP Timeline Theme


Welcome to my new theme!

Timeline is a minimalist WordPress theme available on Themeforest.com. I purchased thetheme without doing my proper research. Namely, if you are going to purchase a theme from Themeforest, read your theme’s comment section before making a purchase. This particular theme has received virtually no responses from its creator when customers ask for support, and, of course, you can’t return a theme if it’s broken.

That being said, I do like this theme and I will stick with it. Its minimal design does not distract from the content, and it feels very clean. The only other theme I would consider using in its place would be Sensei, by Satori Studios. The Timeline theme seems to work most of the time, but the sliders sometimes only partially load in my browser. This may be because my shared hosting provider is throttling my site’s speed after too many of the image-heavy sliders are downloaded.

Either way, Timeline’s a nice clean theme, and the posting pages have worked properly so far, and I do like the timeline feature when it works (see my Photography section).