For the Love of Rain Part 4

Sunday I finally got it.

What I wanted was to freeze time as much as possible, by reducing the exposure time as much as possible, so for some of these shots I pushed the ISO all the way up to 6400, which resulted in two shots that have exposure times of 1/8000th of a second, and others that range between that value and 1/4000th of a second. Those are the ones where you can see the drops frozen in mid-splash.

The first two are the ones with the shortest exposure times.

There’s little to no blur from the water’s motion.

130127_0609 130127_0610130127_0533 130127_0543 130127_0552 130127_0596 130127_0629 130127_0646 130127_0657

For the Love of Rain Part 3

It rains only a few times a year in Tempe, and this was one of those times. The whole weekend was covered in clouds, and down poured more rain in one morning than I’ve seen in almost a year. It was awesome.

These pictures are from Saturday.

130126_0358 130126_0385 130126_0387_1 130126_0420 130126_0490 130126_0511 130126_0525_2 130126_0530 130126_0506

For the Love of Rain Part 2

Mid-July 2012 was my second opportunity to take some really nice rain shots. My technique improved slightly over my first effort, back in Bangkok.

In a few of these shots I was bumping the ISO up to as high as 4000, but mostly I kept it below that. In my subsequent rain shoot, you’ll notice a difference when I increase the ISO to the Canon 60D’s max of 6400.

The shutter speed for most of these shots is 1 / a few hundred, which isn’t super fast. This speed does give a nice sense of motion to the rain splashes.

120714_8326 120714_8334 120714_8335 120714_8338 120714_8341 120714_8344 120714_8345 120714_8377hdr 120714_8379