For the Love of Rain Part 4

Sunday I finally got it. What I wanted was to freeze time as much as possible, by reducing the exposure time as much as possible, so for some of these shots I pushed the ISO all the way up to 6400, which resulted in two shots that have exposure times of 1/8000th of a second, and others that range between …

Explorations in HDR Toning

Now begins the next phase of my photographic journey: HDR toning. I’m already a big fan of surrealism and creative photographic effects, and that’s what HDR does best. These shots were taken around Tempe after Halloween. As you can see, I’m having fun with my new High Definition Range tools.


Halloween has arrived, and so has HDR toning, the most exciting thing to happen to photography since I got my camera. The first few shots were taken on Halloween, 2012, and the next few were taken during a nightscaping run with a coworker, who told me that you don’t really get a lot of noise until you bump your ISO …

The Dust Storm

I was in my apartment one Sunday afternoon when suddenly the ambient neighborhood noise muted somewhat, except for the crows, which became obnoxious. When I looked outside, I saw this coming: